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The New Marketing Playbook: The latest tools and techniques to grow your business: How to grow in a changing world


CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Cert Guide uCertify Course and Labs Card and Textbook Bundle


CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Cert Guide uCertify Course and Labs Access Code Card


CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Cert Guide uCertify Labs Access Code Card


Foundation Db2 and Python


Practical Vaadin


Data Modeling with SAP BW/4HANA 2.0


Real-Time Twilio and Flybase


Data Mesh

  • Examine the current data landscape from the perspective of business and organizational needs, environmental challenges, and existing architectures
  • Analyze the landscape's underlying characteristics and failure modes
  • Get a complete introduction to data mesh principles and its constituents
  • Learn how to design a data mesh architecture
  • Move beyond a monolithic data lake to a distributed data mesh

Financial Theory with Python

  • Draw upon mathematics to learn the foundations of financial theory and Python programming
  • Learn about financial theory, financial data modeling, and the use of Python for computational finance
  • Leverage simple economic models to better understand basic notions of finance and Python programming concepts
  • Utilize both static and dynamic financial modeling to address fundamental problems in finance, such as pricing, decision making, equilibrium, and asset allocation
  • Learn the basics of Python packages useful for financial modeling, such as NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and SymPy

Windows Failover Clustering Design Handbook


RESTful Web Microservices Cookbook

  • Design and build individual microservices that can successfully interact on the open web
  • Increase interoperability by designing services that share a common understanding
  • Build client applications that can adapt to evolving services without breaking
  • Create resilient and reliable microservices that support peer-to-peer interactions on the web
  • Use web-based service registries to support runtime "find-and-bind" operations that manage external dependencies in real time
  • Implement stable workflows to accomplish complex, multiservice tasks consistently

Building Cloud Data Architecture

  • Navigate the large swath of cloud services available
  • Cut through marketing hype to identify the root technologies and concepts behind big data tooling
  • Build modular pipelines and systems that manage change smoothly
  • Understand the tricks and pitfalls of processing large datasets, from both a cost and a performance viewpoint
  • Create systems that integrate smoothly and can adapt to ever-changing analytical workloads
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and leverage individual cloud services for what they do best

Efficient MySQL Performance

  • Understand why query response time is the North Star of MySQL performance
  • Learn why indexing, not hardware or MySQL config, is the key to performance
  • Examine query metrics in detail, including aggregation, reporting, and analysis
  • Explore ways of improving query response time through query optimization
  • Understand how to monitor MySQL and learn what the metrics mean

Learning DevSecOps

  • Get a review of the current threat environment to learn why security is becoming part of the Agile/DevOps movement
  • Build an effective DevSecOps program by bridging the gap between the InfoSec and DevOps cultures
  • Integrate security into the rapid-release cycles typical of modern software application development and delivery
  • Learn how to avoid common DevSecOps mistakes through case studies from Netflix, Facebook, and HSBC
  • Secure DevOps tools in your code, containers, clusters, and the cloud

Building your own authentication library with Trailblazer


Math for Deep Learning


The Art of 64-Bit Assembly


Version Control with Git, 3rd Edition

  • Learn how to use Git for real-world development scenarios
  • Gain insight into Git's common use cases, initial tasks, and basic functions
  • Use the system for distributed version control
  • Learn how to manage merges, conflicts, patches, and diffs
  • Apply advanced techniques such as rebasing, hooks, and ways to handle submodules

AI-Driven Testing

  • Learn the challenges and limitations of traditional approaches to software test automation
  • Explore how AI is advancing the state of the art in automated functional, structural, performance, and user design testing in several application domains
  • Examine the costs, benefits, and possible applications of AI-driven testing
  • Look at ways that AI-driven test automation tools will evolve over the next decade