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IT Necessities for a Distributed World

Is your small-to-medium enterprise ready to leverage the power of the cloud? When used properly, the cloud can revolutionize your business. You can double your storage and bandwidth overnight by gaining access to a sizable high tech computer network without having to buy servers and additional networking equipment. But if your business is to thrive in the cloud with solid network performance and strong cybersecurity, you need sound professional advice. In this report, JumpCloud's cloud IT specialists share their insights on how to deploy your cloud network efficiently and effectively. You'll learn how to build your team; understand directory basics; examine your policies, best practices, and management frameworks; and build organizational tools for monitoring, troubleshooting, remediation, and running a helpdesk.
  • Enabling secure identity and access management
  • A robust cloud to address the challenges of employees working from home
  • Providing well-organized directory services
  • Efficient use of computing resources
  • Ensuring full cloud visibility for auditing, compliance, and management
  • Continuous, uninterrupted network uptime
11/2021publication date
O'Reilly Mediapublisher