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Data has become the most powerful tool in business today, and telling its story effectively is critical to decision making. Yet color is the most neglected tool in data visualization. With this book, author and DATAcated founder Kate Strachnyi provides the ultimate guide to the correct use of color for representing data in graphs, charts, tables, and infographics. Ideal for data and business analysts, data scientists, and others who design infographics and data visualizations, this practical resource explores color tips and tricks, including the theories behind them and why they work the way they do. ColorWise covers the psychology, history, and culture of a number of different colors. This book is also a useful teaching tool for learning about proper use of color for data storytelling techniques and dashboarding.
  • The role that color theory plays in data visualization and storytelling
  • Various color techniques you can use to improve your data visualizations
  • How different colors affect your audience's understanding of data visualizations
  • How to use color intentionally to help guide your audience
  • Tips for using colors that can be interpreted by individuals with color vision deficiency
  • How to apply the book's guidelines for use in your own projects
01/2023publication date
O'Reilly Mediapublisher